Lots of great news. First off Polkadot Viking is now on facebook – follow the white rabbit here! Yay!

After the summer season it was time for some family vacations- yay again! We went to Piemonte in Italy and enjoyed a nice and warm end of summer before returning to full on auumn in Norway. Afterwards we visited my husbands folks up north. Very autumny but perfect handicraft weather- yay yet again! (Also, it was nice to see so much family in such a short time.)
And lastly, now that the summer season is over I can concentrate on bigger projects. So the next post won’t be about knitting, but all about making viking garments. Surprise!

But let’s get a look at this week’s pattern. I reworked the honeycomb pattern in order to adapt it to Mari yarn and also to give you a third circle scarf size and type. This one is a long and narrow tube scarf. You can fold it midways to bring out the pattern even more.

knitting in bella Italia - before washing
knitting in bella Italia – before washing

At first I didn’t fall much for the murky yellow color, but as I’ve noticed before- you can’t judge a telespinn yarn before it has been washed properly. This time it made a huge difference! The yellow is much more bright and warm now, and really shines a light in this grey foggy fall weather.


all finished and after washing - what a difference!
all finished and after washing – what a difference!

Round 1: Cast on 80 stitches on 6 mm/ US size 10 needles.

Round 2-5: Switch to 5 mm/ US size 8 needles. Rib (1 knit, 1 purl over 1 knitl, 1 purl) for four rounds.

Round 6-7: Purl 2 rounds.

Round 8-15: Knit 8 rounds *slip two stitches knitwise, knit 6 stitches* repeat until the end of round 15.

Round 16-17: Purl 2 rounds.

Round 18-23: Knit 8 rounds *knit 4 stitches, slip two stitches knitwise, knit 2 stitches* repeat until the end of round 23.

Round 6-23 is one rapport. Repeat the rapport 7 times in total so that you have 14 rounds of honeycombs.

Round 131: Purl 2 rounds.

Round 132-137: Rib and cast off losely.

folded in the middle
folded in the middle

Remember to wash and steam the item, gently stretch into form while moist. This yarn is not washed after spinning and will get its final colour and softness after its first wash. Hand wash 30ºC (cold).

The finished circle scarf is available here through my etsyshop Polkadot Viking.